Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Post-Trip Bringdown, Baby!

You know those days when you're kids are beating each other with giant pizzas, you're playing referee before you've had your coffee, and you screech up to the school seconds before you're late, all while shouting, "Move, move, move!" like some drill sergeant straight out of Full Metal Jacket? Yeah, it's been one of those days. I'm talking post-vacation bringdown, baby. 

I don't drink, nor do I smoke, but it's not even lunchtime, and I'm already craving one of those gallon jugs of cheap wine and carton of cigarettes.

 If I drank, I would so be drinking you right now, Paisano

Memories of soft sunshine, smiling kids, and the giggly, squirmy excitement of rushing off to experience all those cool things we've always wanted to do are still fresh in my mind. And then real life swoops back in, and it's all about meal prep, homework, and the full-time job.

Funny thing, really. I feel you become your true self when you're traveling. You become a child again. The world becomes your classroom. You absorb languages and cultures, taste new foods, and smell new fragrances. Everything is new, and you can truly let your guard down and be a citizen of the world. It doesn't matter what other people think of you. The experiences matter.

This is why I love to travel, and this is why I'm so excited to share my travels with my children. I want them to know what really matters. So, we had a tough day. Big deal. Tomorrow will be better. Tonight, we'll talk about those really cool experiences. And we'll laugh. And the tension of the day will lift. 

And we'll talk about our next journey. We're heading off again this weekend. And I can't wait.

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